View of our 1850 pioneer style home

Tastefunactic is hidden in Grassy Bay on Calabogie Lake on 2.5 hectares of organically cultivated land. Here you will find complete relaxation in a beautifully peaceful setting, far from the busy city. A spot where will find complete relaxation.

The suites are modern, yet built to preserve the sense of tradition and heritage that is inherent to this area. The conscious use of local craftsmen and local materials ensures sustainability without compromising all the latest in technology and comfort.

The spacious garden has been designed to reflect the natural landscape and fits seamlessly into its surroundings.

A wide variety of unique elements greet guests including a Barefoot Path, a Kniepp pool, a sauna with a shower and a hot tub under the stars.

Art is a driving force behind our design and can be seen and reflected upon in all of the fine details throughout the luscious grounds and inside the buildings as well.

Tastefunatic seduces your senses with fun in the kitchen. We believe good cooking does not rely only on technique and strict adherence to recipes. We see food and cooking as an art form and the talent is hidden inside all of us.

Our cooking classes will guide the guest through a varied culinary experience. Not only will you learn techniques, tricks of the trade and great cooking tips, you will be asked to rely on your senses to discover your own potential for creativity in cooking. Chef Gunnar Guckes will encourage you to open awaken your senses by thinking outside the box.

Relax, enjoy your stay with all your senses at play.

168 Grassy Bay Road Ontario K0J1H0
Phone/Fax 1 613 752 0879

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