Gunnar and Bettina cooking


Gunnar and Bettina will welcome you to a Tastefunatic.... After a brief introduction to Tastefunatic's philosophy of cooking we will take some time to go over an explanation of products and particular preparation methods specific to the menu.Discussions on cutting, seasoning, presentation and of course tips and tricks will all be part of your experience.

We customize your cooking expectations... lunch, dinner or cooking classes.

Individuals, couples, groups, corporate kids... Tastefunatic made to order.

Individuals, couples, friends…

Truly unique classes, made to order. A menu carefully chosen by yourself or your group, we will create a perfect dinner party atmosphere while taking our time to learn some valuable lessons that can only be learned when you've truly let your senses be your guide. 

Love Goes Through The Stomach ... or Girls Night

Find your passion for cooking so that preparing a meal becomes fun again or find a joy in cooking that you didn't know before. Whether it's salads with fine dressings, special herb soups, chicken breast in bonbon package and Panacotta for yourself or your family… learn to love cooking all over again.

17 Minutes Until Kick-Off (football or women ;-)... or Men Cooking

Not only lots of meat, learn more about the kitchen workflow, techniques and the perfect timing to surprise your family and friends over and over again. We cook with what we find in the refrigerator. Finger Food, Main Course and Surprise dessert. Your wives would be very welcome to stop by for dinner.

The End Of Popeye’s Times… or Cooking With Kids

Invite your children with friends, must be between 8-14 years, with or without parents. The invitation could be for a special occasion like a birthday or just for fun. The menu will be discussed with you and decided by the parents. Up to 12 children maximum, 3 hours to cook and eat. We take time to talk with the children about the differences between fast food and fresh, real food. Children in our kitchen will learn that food is grown from the ground up. We will also talk about the different functions at play with the body and which foods should be avoided and why.

The Perfect Team Training

Cooking together is a perfect team training whether in the form of relaxing seminar or a team retreat. The participants learn by preparing a 3 or 4-course menu that we will tailor to the needs of the groups. As with everyday life, skills, organizing, ability and knowledge of human nature are relied upon as we work together. Our chefs will delegate certain tasks and kitchen steps to serve their menu on time. We will help create something that truly resembles group work.

The World of Taste

All about flavors, temperatures and textures. Moderated Slideshow with special flavored snacks served to raise your personal taste. Subsequently three-course menu in the light of previously learned.

The World of Salts

All what you ever wanted to know about salt. Including three-course meal.

Spices and Seasoning

Moderated slideshow. Introduction to the world of spices and three-course meal.

Herb and Herbs

Not only dried, but also process as fresh as possible. Including four-course menu.

Sweet, Sour, Bitter?

You are never too young or too old to learn about the elements of taste! Taste is a such an incredible, complex tool. We explain and show why some foods and spices taste sweet, others sour, salty, hot or bitter and how they could become a delicacy by mixing them in the right amounts.

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