Feel Nature...

The spacious garden has been designed to reflect the natural landscape and fits seamlessly into the surroundings. A wide variety of unique features greets guests including a barefoot path, a Kneipp pool, a sauna with natural outdoor bathtub and shower, a hot tub under the stars and even a "massage cabin".

Enjoy your stay with all your senses.

Walking barefoot! When was the last time you did that? In your childhood? Last summer? Do you remember... what a unique wonderful feeling, an experience to feel the pure ground under your feet. Feet are far more than just load carriers and a means of transportation. Walk barefoot more often and you will recognize this very quickly. We walk on a sensitive sensory system, which perceives temperatures and provides information to our brains on various materials and textures. And even more, walking barefoot has a proven positive impact on your health. It promotes blood circulation and activates and strengthens the immune organs. Take some time to yourself, take off your shoes, forget your daily routine and feel nature...

Elements of the barefoot path:
  • Grass - not just the cutting height counts
  • Limestone - flat, smooth, but not so slippery
  • Pebble paving - round heads kiss your foot
  • Cedar-grain - always warm - Grassy Bay mud work - still in the study of healing...
  • Straw - it pricks or not?
  • Planks - planed, once with and once against the direction of growth
    (balance!! or take a bath in the swamp...)
  • Crystal sand - sand, so soft... close your eyes and imagine - you could be anywhere...
  • Peat - walking as if on feathers
  • Pine needles and cones - a rug you cannot buy
  • Mulch of white cedar – indescribable
  • River stone - in different sizes, unique foot massage
  • Kneipp pool - the best for last: wading like a stork in cold well water. Even 100 years ago, Sebastian Kneipp cured his patients with this water therapy.
  • Regeneration, sit close to our water wheel and listen to the sound of water and the many other sounds of nature.
Relaxation therapy with our certified therapist

Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive therapeutic treatment based on the principle that reflexes of feet, hands and ears are connected with certain parts of the body. By applying pressure to these reflexes - with bare hands - reflexology releases tension, improves circulation and opens the flow of blocked nerves. It also helps support the natural function and healing of the body. Reflexology diagnoses and prescribes nothing.

You may enjoy your treatment in your suite or outside on the shore of the lake under the beautiful sun.

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